Swim England Teaching Preschool Swimming

Entry Requirements:

Applicants must be 16 years of age or older

Applicants must also hold one of the following qualifications: Swim England Level 2 Teaching Swimming (or Swim England equivalent)


This course is for you if you wish to be qualified to deliver swimming lessons to children from 3 months to 5 years old. This course covers Adult and Baby, Adult and Toddler and Duckling lessons.

You will learn about:

The responsibilities and role of a pre-school swimming teacher

How early years development, stages of play and reflexes impact on learners swimming ability

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, health related conditions and how to respond and adapt to them

How to introduce and teach the core aquatic skills in a fun way

The different supports and holds to use in lessons.

The advantages and disadvantages of different types of equipment

How to assess participants swimming ability

How to plan, adapt and teach lessons which cater for groups with different levels of ability

Key teaching and lesson management skills including safety and safeguarding, time management and organisational skills, behaviour management, communication skills, teaching methods and motivational techniques

How to plan for your professional development

By the end of this course, you will be able to independently plan, prepare, deliver and evaluate a series of pre-school swimming lessons.

Delivery and Assessment:

Assessment is made up of a series of component parts: theoretical questions, lessons plans, lesson overview, observation record, evaluation and action plan.

All the assessment criteria must be achieved

All evidence produced by the learner must be their own

This qualification is not graded. You will either pass or be referred.